Sefer Shmuel w/ Rav Blau Chapter 23: David Fights the Plishtim

  • This chapter contrasts David’s behavior with that of Shaul. Note what David is busy with in the opening pesukim despite his fears of Shaul.  What is Shaul focused on until pesukim 27-28?
  • Pesukim 17-18: This is the third brit made between David and Yehonatan (the first two are in 18:3 and 20:16).  What element does the covenant in our chapter add to the previous two?
  • According to Abravanel, how does David succeed at avoiding capture?

אברבנאל שמואל א פרק כג  והיה דוד יודע בכל פעם ופעם שהיה יוצא שאול לבקש את נפשו לפי שהיו עבדי שאול אוהבים אותו ומגלים את אזנו בסתר

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