Sefer Shmuel w/ Rav Blau Chapter 16: The Anointing of David

Dear All, As we get to the midway point, I want to wish everyone a Chag Sameach.   This project is a good reminder of the power and value of routine and consistency.   A relatively short daily investment of time enables a nice accomplishment over the course of a month.  Those who have not yet started can still take on two perakim a day for the rest of the month and compete the sefer with the rest of us.

Pasuk 2: Shmuel says that he is afraid to go and anoint a new king because Shaul will kill him. Can you think of another reason for his reluctance?

אברבנאל שמואל א פרק טז    הנה מה שאמר שמואל איך אלך ושמע שאול והרגני היה אצלי התנצלות בלתי אמיתי ששמואל לא היה רוצה למשוח איש בחיי שאול והיה בעיניו רע ומר המעשה שישחית את מעשה ידיו הוא בעצמו ושהוא יסכל את ידיו ולכן כדי להשמט מההליכה התנצל ואמר איך אלך ושמע שאול והרגני

  • Pasuk 7: God does not select Eliav for the kingship and He instructs Shmuel not to look at a candidate’s appearance or height. Could Hashem be referring to someone other than Eliav?   Compare 16:7 with 15:26.
  • What is the relationship between pasuk 13 and pasuk 14?
  • One more thought about the previous chapter. Many wonder why Shaul loses the monarchy for his sin whereas David commits a more grievous sin and keeps the kingship.   One possibility is that David immediately admits his sin (Shmuel Bet 12:13) while Shaul avoids admitting responsibility.  Sefer Haikkarim (4:26) suggests that David’ sin is quite serious but the same sin of any private citizen.  Shaul’s transgression is a failure specific to the monarchy.

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